Time to put it all back together

Having taken it all apart for painting, it's time to spend 100 hours putting it all back together again.


The refit begins....

Now that the car had its lick of paint and getting it back into storage, the task of fitting everything back into/onto the car began...


I took the opportunity the finally (after 5+ years) red oxide the metal in the boot....unfortunately, by doing so, it just showed up how grubby the inside of the car now was....so I had to paint that too.  Good news is that it's had a few coats now, so it should be nicely protected.


Whilst in the boot, I then noted that the fuel tank filler pipe was about an inch too long - darn it, it'll have to come out and be cut shorter.  I then started fitting the noise dampening stuff into the boot, what? hang on, I'm NOT using Dynamat?  Am I crazy?!  yep - I got some military grade stuff - let's see how it work out.  If it's no good, it's easy to redo....


The now infamous front brake caliper brackets have finally been made by myself.  Why infamous?  Well, it only took from December until the following July for me to make these latest versions.  Earlier versions had flaws in their design, were made of metal that was too thin, etc..etc.... my missus reckoned I was using the brackets as an excuse to not get the car on the road....well, it could look like that, I suppose.  In the end I got some 2mm steel, angle-grinded the exact shapes I needed, then welded the flexi-hose connectors into the right places.  Then they got a coat of the black shiny stuff.


Whilst I was in the mood and waiting for the paint to dry, I decided to look at the fuel tank filler pipe.... I started with a hacksaw...I then got bored and moved onto the "temporary" seat modification work.  I already had some proper foam waiting in the background, so it was just a case of cable-ties and duct tape, a sharp knife/scissors and the makeshift seat was made.  The mexican blanket was just the right size.


Happy with my accomplishment, I just took an angle-grinder to the fuel tank filler pipe...10 minutes later it was an inch shorter.  Time to fit everything back to the car.


The brackets slid into place and were a perfect fit and will do exactly what we need them to do.  Just need to fill up with Dot4, bleed the brakes and we're good to go - or stop, if you know what I mean.  It'll be a good test to see if there are any leaks in the system..

Then I fitted the fuel tank back into the boot - yep, that extra inch was just right.  It fits nice and snug now.  Just the seat to go.....


It should have been a 10 minute job, but it took about 2 hours in the end, due to initially not being able to find the original bolts that held the bench seat in place...eventually I managed to find most of the original bolts (they have a nice groove cuts into the bolt heads, it was then that I remembered that you need a long screwdriver and not a spanner to bolt the seat into place).  Anyway, in the end the seat slotted into place and it is actually surprisingly comfortable and my head does not hit the roof either, which was one of my concerns.


Next job..... to tidy up the wiring, group it all together with cable ties, fit it together in a proper loom, connect everything back up on the dash - fuel pump, indicators, headlights, windscreen wipers, etc..etc...


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The bumpers & grill go for prep and chroming.... see them in about 8 weeks time!
Wow, what a difference!
Wow, what a difference!
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