Photos of the Build

The following pages show the journey of the build from the car being Standard through to the current day work.........

I bought the car back in 2008 and drove it in it's Standard format.

Story of the Vanguard
I managed to get my hands on an old book describing the story of the Standard Vanguard.  I scanned it into digital format for prosperity.

Some Ideas for a redesign
The internet is a bad thing sometimes.  After seeing a '51 Merc at a car show, I then got to scanning the inter-webs and I wondered if the Vanguard could be modified to resemble a big Merc.

Valley Gas
Those nice people over at Valley Gas took on the job of making the major modifications.

Custom Car Magazine
Whilst the car was at Valley Gas, the initial work was covered by an article in Custom Car magazine.

Engine Working
After fitting the wiring myself, I set about connecting everything up in relation to the engine.  It took a bit of help from Classic Car Management, but we got there in the end.  Sounded lovely!  I needed to redo one of the water pipes from the radiator, so only ran it a couple of times.  It had good oil pressure, so was happy all was good.

Time to prepare for paint
In order to paint the car, some extra work was needed in order to get the door gaps correct and to refine some of the finer details of the metal work.

Painting session
After a hell of a lot of prep work.  It was time to paint the car.  A day or two of hand waving followed by a lot of polishing.

Glass fitting
Time to start fitting the glass to the car and yes, that is the original rear window.  Good job, Valley Gas, your measurements were spot on!

Fitting Front & Rear Shocks
After getting some custom shocks made by Protech shocks, it is time to fit them to the front of the car.  Hopefully, this will help with some clearance issues and firm up the suspension quite a bit.


Also made the decision to have Protech shocks and springs on the rear.... racecar handling, here we come.

Custom Car Magazine - Again...

I had a chat with Dave (Editor) from Custom Car magazine and another two page article was done on the progress of Lil'Merc.


Refitting everything back onto the car time
Time to put everything back together, after it was all removed for the painting session.....and I'll finally paint the inside of the boot!

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