Time to finally fit the front shocks

I met up with ProTech Shocks (as they are only up the road from me) and we had a long chat about them building some custom shock for me.  After a little while, they came up with the modified shocks that we need on the car.  They are superb and should just bolt into place.

Front Shocks

After having a learning session on how to remove the previous old springs, I can now remove and refit the coil overs (both sides) in 30 minutes.


After removing everything and bolting the shocks into place, I discovered that I need to make a minor modification to the lower wishbones for the bottoms of the shocks to fit.  A quick chop with the angle grinder (to be welded up again later).  Also the existing bolts were too small and needed replacing, so some new thicker bolts were welded into place.


After refitting everything back into place....the car was lowered back to the ground and........ the car sunk to the floor.  Well, it did look good, but it wasn't the desired result.  After a bit of head-scratching to make sure I hadn't missed anything obvious and discussions with other people, we concluded that the springs were just too small for the job.  I think they were 225lb springs.


Then I took a look at the rear springs.  I think that confirmed the decision.  The front springs really needed to be 500lb!  So, time to remove everything again, take a trip up to ProTech Shocks and get some new beefier springs.... the one thing I've learnt about this car is: "as you make headway with one achievement, you are then faced with two more to deal with".  It does keep it interesting and challenging though.


Whilst it does look cool, the springs are compressed to the max...they need beefing up - it does however show the potential for air-ride in the future
very subtle difference. Shock on the left is 500lb, old shock on the right is 225lb. Now, we're talking business...
and with the new 500lb springs fitted...the ride height is a bit too high, but it's easier to go lower than it is to go higher!

Time to replace the rear shocks

The rear shocks were really only ever fitted as a template guideline, they were never meant to be the final items.

They have been a great help in working out the rear ride height, which, dare I say it.... it too low.  (Yes, I did just say that!)

The rear of the car needs to come up about an inch, it'll help out with a lot of things, mainly the "getting on/off of ramps" as it is, the clearance is about 1mm from the chassis frame.  It'll also help with all those speed-bumps that I'm going to be going over too.

So, what do I do?  Yep, I give Protech a call and they are more than happy to kit me out with some rear shocks and springs.  They have a variety of spring heights too: 8 / 9 / 10"  - along with the adjustable element, we have the perfect combination.

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